written by ALEX

Hair braiding with my niece

Estelle in Paris with a dear friend

Estelle is energetic, fun-loving, determined, charismatic, and above all, caring. She cares for the nature that we all share, for the most vulnerable, for her friends, and for family. Estelle is super close to her family, a dedicated aunt, loves getting everyone together for the holidays around yummy food.

One thing you should know about Estelle is that she loves to learn. She can be a total bookworm sometimes, which is probably how she ended up at one of the best universities in the world! Her whole family is really into education and both her parents and her sister are teachers.

Estelle has traveled the world and speaks several languages (including Portuguese and Spanish from when she worked in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Guatemala). She enjoys communicating with people from every walk of life. She’s also very outdoorsy and enthusiastically hikes to the highest peaks of mountains or scuba dives deep into coral reefs.


Skiing or hiking or kayaking or swimming or anything in nature

– Working to protect forests


Reading (I can’t wait to make reading bedtime stories a nightly ritual with a little one)

Baking and cooking, especially for holidays like Thanksgiving

Estelle is a truly ADVENTURESOME and GIVING SOUL, a FAITHFUL FRIEND, a LOVING WIFE, and a sparkly and beautiful woman. I know that she’s going to be an incredible mother!

Kayaking together


written by ESTELLE

Alex is warm, funny, generous,sunny, and has a wonderful calm about him. His quiet, confident chillness and his kindness puts people at ease no matter what the circumstance or place.

Born and raised in Brazil, Alex came to the USA to obtain his PhD at an Ivy League school. Afterwards, he worked in Africa and Asia, and now works for a United Nations agency in the US. His job revolves around saving babies’ and kids’ lives. He’s truly dedicated to making the world a better place… and a more fun place!

Wherever Alex goes, he plays music, barbecues, tells jokes, welcomes people and makes them feel valued. His sunny personality can light up a room, and I can’t wait to see him as a father.


– Dancing


– Snowboarding

– Working in public health

– Photographing

– Watching documentaries

Water sports back in Brazil

Alex with his nephews

Snowboarding is Alex’s favorite sport