Our beautiful, two-bedroom apartment has a gorgeous view of Northern Manhattan, as well as a nice gym and big terrace surrounded by flowers. Best of all, it’s near Central Park and a playground literally across the street!

We have lots of friends and family living close by in NY, especially Estelle’s family. Our neighborhood is awesome for kids – the park has many playgrounds, ponds, meadows that are perfect for a little tyke learning how to play sports, tennis courts, and even an ice skating rink in winter, all within a 10-minute walk of where we live. Our part of town also has several good schools, lots of fun restaurants, epic museums, great libraries, a really neat community center, and several cool cafes, all around us.

Our living room, with a view of the city

Our bedroom

Cooking in our kitchen


Alex was born in Brazil. The country’s vibrant, fun-loving, musical culture is a big part of his proud Latino heritage. Alex’s huge and close-knit, affectionate family is spread throughout Brazil and he goes back to visit them every year. We can’t wait to bring a baby to dip those little toes in the bright blue waters of the beach of Ipanema and to learn some baby samba steps in Rio!

Estelle grew up half in France and half in the USA, with dual citizenship. She flies back to Paris regularly to indulge in fresh baguettes, scrumptious cheese, French art, biking through cute French villages, and to stock up on hugs and fun times with friends and family there. We’re planning for our household to be totally bilingual!


meet our family and friends

We are very close to our family and friends. They enrich our lives and bring joy to our hearts. We’re deeply fortunate to have these wonderful people on our journey. Our loved ones are super supportive about our choice to grow our family through adoption.


+ The Kids in Our Life

Motorcycle trip in Laos with friends

Big family reunion in Brazil

Smooching sleepy toddler of my heart sister

Estelle’s father

OUR FAMILY HAS A HISTORY WITH ADOPTION. Estelle’s half-sister’s mom is adopted, and ultimately wrote memoirs about her adoptive mom and dad. Alex’s nephew was adopted – and adored – by Alex’s parents. In fact, Alex helped raise his nephew for a decade. Adoption is woven into the fabric of our lives, and we think it’s the most natural thing in the world to want to adopt.

Each of us has really helped raise our nephews, and we love them with all our hearts. Today, our nephews are grown up into very special young men, and they’re eagerly waiting now for a new little muffin to join the family.

Estelle’s graduation with all her nephews

Exploring waterfall with best friend

Alex’s nuclear family

Alex with his nephew he helped raise